Paediatrics & Women's Health & Continence


Physiotherapy can help in a range of conditions that affect children. Abbey Physio Clinic treats the full range of neurological, cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions and we also treat children with complex medical, physical and learning disabilities, for intensive one to one therapy sessions.

We enjoy helping parents to manage their child’s problems in a positive and confident way, making the most appropriate interventions to help their child optimally grow, learn and develop. We will work with you, whether it is a respiratory condition like asthma, or a complex post-operative recovery which needs to be managed.

Ongoing conditions are managed effectively so you are supported in deciding your child’s rehabilitation goals. We place emphasis on assisting Parent’s to meet their needs, so call us now and we can start the process! Call now to talk to our Physiotherapist:

Women’s Health & Continence

Many women experience specific problems during pregnancy, during labour and delivery and as we age and experience menopause. Lower back, sacro-iliac joint and symphysis pubis problems are common and can be corrected. Other related problems can be embarrassing to discuss.

In Abbey Physio Clinic, we adopt a confidential, sensitive and very private approach, where you cannot be overheard or interrupted.

We support you in helping you to regain bladder control, pelvic floor integrity and function, and help you regain sexual function and satisfaction which may have been lost or reduced following pregnancy, following surgery or as a result of normal aging, at any time of your life.

Do not suffer in silence! Contact us now.