Occupational Health & Ergonomics

We are a long established and highly reputable Chartered Physiotherapy practice involved in providing nationwide Specialist Occupational Health services for over 30 years to a wide range of companies and industries around Ireland. We provide fitness testing for major recruitment projects both at home and for multinational corporations recruiting for worldwide projects.

On a daily basis, we rehabilitate injured workers back to the workplace, using detailed functional capacity evaluation outcomes, married with our knowledge of the critical job demands of the worker, to ensure a timely and safe return to work, after illness or injury. We help in claims management and can ensure spurious claims are not a threat to your company viability or reputation.

See www.annetteshanahan.com for more details of our Functional Capacity Evaluation services. We case manage, assess injury, provide preventative injury programmes, manage absence related to musculoskeletal disorders, perform ergonomic work assessments, risk assessments, and provide Expert Witness Medico-Legal reports in musculoskeletal disorder or injury cases. (MSD’s)

Injury Prevention

We have achieved significant reduction in plant-wide injury prevention programmes in a number of large manufacturing companies in recent years. Reduction in MSD incidence results in reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and reduced claims costs.

Our WORKPLACE HEALTH programmes with stretching exercises, stress reduction and healthy lifestyle advice, delivered by our team of Chartered Physiotherapists and Occupational Health Nurses, are effective in increasing workplace productivity. We enjoy contributing to increased workplace morale! Group or individual programmes can be provided, supported by rehabilitation in the clinic, or on-site in your facility.

Occupational Health

We provide highly effective onsite physiotherapy for diverse companies, including medical devices, pharma chem, electronic, healthcare sectors and we design specific training to prevent work related injury, overuse conditions or musculoskeletal related sickness absence. Our research has indicated significant reduction in absence due to MSD’s results, where our programmes are introduced and implemented. We have many corporate clients who assure us of our cost effectiveness and praise our ability to impact positively on their businesses by ensuring increased productivity and claims reduction.

We work nationwide to undertake major contracts recruiting firefighters, emergency service personnel, performing pre-employment fitness tests, necessary for effective recruitment for off shore oil refineries, construction projects, mineral mining projects and manufacturing plants, for corporate multinationals. Contact us NOW, if you are seeking employment in these sectors.

Contact us NOW if you are a HR professional seeking to reduce absence, poor fit of worker to work and to reduce your business costs.