Functional Capacity Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity is a system of assessment which objectively determines an individual’s impairment or level of disability and defines their ability to perform work.

These assessments or FCE’s are performed to determine if an applicant is qualified to work in a particular job, at pre-employment stage, or when returning to work after sickness absence or illness.

They are useful in deciding on level of claims awarded, determining the validity of the injury reported, insurance benefit payment continuance, qualification for disability benefit, and for the individual who needs to make vocational changes due to injury or disability and needs to know the options open to them.

FCE referrals are from individuals, employers, insurers, solicitors, barristers and those charged with mediation in cases where disputes arise as to level of disability or impairment.

Annette Shanahan, Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist & Ergonomist, introduced FCE to Ireland and is the recognised expert in this field, awarded Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist status by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists in 2006. She has lectured in FCE in RCSI since 2001 and has presented a many international and national conferences on the subject over the past 20 years. She is Past President of the ISCP, the professional organisation for over 3000 Physiotherapists in Ireland. See for more details

Work Conditioning Rehabilitation

Abbey Physio Clinic has a long tradition of working with private industry, multi-nationals and the public sector, to provide return to work rehabilitation for employees following injury or illness, which has forced absence.

We have a wide experience and knowledge of many work sectors, the critical demands in each and the challenges posed by the activities performed. We have achieved excellent results in companies where we have effectively managed musculoskeletal disorders in the workforce and achieved significant MSD incidence reduction. We have delivered effective Prevention and Education Programmes to raise awareness of prevention methods, exercise and stretching protocols for a range of processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical plants and we are involved in company- wide programme delivery currently in a number of large service and healthcare organisations.

We provide one to one Return to Work Rehabilitation in the Clinic and effectively return our patients to the workforce. Our objective FCE Testing protocols assist us in determining the safe point when a phased return can be commenced, in conjunction with management involvement, returning to work we know they are safe in doing and capable of performing. We reduce claims exposure and prevent low morale which arises where repeated work related injuries occur.