Care of the Older Person

As we get older, we have to adjust to the inevitable changes in our body and in our lifestyle as joints stiffen, become painful and muscles become weak. Sometimes our balance is not what it was.

We sometimes have to adjust to changes in our relationships, with our spouse, our families, our friends as a result of the changes, whether in us, or in them. We may be cared for, or we may have to become the carer.

All these changes are challenging and it can be tempting to give up and give in to the aging process. Research shows us the opposite is true and it is always good to be active and involved for as long as possible!

At Abbey Physio Clinic, we can assist you or your family to cope better by addressing the difficulties experienced in a positive and supportive way, optimising recovery and increasing function and independence to the best it can be. We have an accessible, well equipped gym and treatment areas designed with you in mind. A full assessment will help us determine where we can help you to improve and reduce pain. Free Car Parking is provided to the rear of the Clinic.

Make an appointment to see one of our experienced and professional Chartered Physiotherapists and we will fully assess you and your needs. As well as treatment in the clinic or your home, we can agree a programme of exercise, prescribe adaptations and aids to assist you at home or in your work or leisure activities, helping you to resume the activities you enjoy, as soon as possible.

I never expected to be able to go back dancing again. Physiotherapy strengthened my hip and knee and the pain eased so I’m back on the dance floor, showing them all I still have what it takes!

Don’t settle for ‘wear and tear’ as the diagnosis! Contact us now and start on your path to recovery.